Five-Minute Pitch

Another 24: an app for your phone that…

  • Provides a  map-oriented tool for finding twelve-step meetings of all fellowships

    This didn’t exist previously and would be very handy. None of the individual fellowships treat the recovery community like the interconnected network that it is. Another 24 can be that connecting tool. It will come to be in the pocket of every twelve-stepper.

  • Provides chat rooms and question call-out for every twelve-step meeting

    When the user is interested in a meeting, she can anonymously call out a question. If it’s a women’s group, she might ask if it’s cool to bring her male friend along. She might ask if drugs addicts are welcome, even though it’s an AA meeting. Lots of things. Once she has attended the meeting, Another 24 will ask if she wants to join the group’s chat room. All set up automatically—just waiting to be used.

  • Limits its chat features to devices that physically attend twelve-step meetings

    Users are only invited to join chat rooms if they attend meetings; also they will be able to show others their meeting attendance record. This will serve to help filter out the non-recovery world, and make this app a tool just for the recovery community.

  • Provides individual and group chat to all users

    The chat rooms for meetings are cool, but each user will also have their own by-invitation-only chat room automatically set up for them, and create additional ones whenever they want. Also, private individual chat sessions can be initiated with any consenting user.

  • Preserves anonymity

    In the recovery community, anonymity is fundamental. You never give Another 24 your name, just a made-up user ID. People will only know your name if you tell them. You don’t upload a picture of yourself unless you want to, also you can limit your visibility to any degree desired.

  • Helps users evaluate trust

    Instead of simple “friendship”, Another 24 will allow you to express your trust in another user in any of four trust levels. Your trust level in another user will be visible to those who trust you. And, since you’ll see who knows whom, you can ask trusted individuals about whom you should interact with. These tools will help the user make good decisions. Anyone in the recovery community knows that we ain’t saints. This will help vulnerable newcomers stay safe and seek wise council.

  • Is a great tool for sponsorship

    It seems like asynchronous communication is the norm these days. Answering a phone call when you’re busy can be a pain. Of course your sponsees can text you using other means, but with Another 24 you’ll be able to create a chat room just for you and them. So as a group you can support each other better, and you can share your amazing wisdom more easily. Also, you’ll be able to see if they’ve been…exaggerating about their meeting attendance.

  • Gives the recovery community its own map of the world

    We won’t just put meeting locations on the map, but other places of interest to the community, with links to their websites and other info. Places like recovery centers, shelters, public bathrooms, soup kitchens, thrift stores, places to charge your phone. A lot of us are broke when we come in. The map will show the places you need, and then you can “listen” to these places, for news and announcements.

  • Hooks the recovery community up for announcements and news

    Once it’s in your pocket, Another 24 will be a way for the recovery community to send announcements and news to each other.

  • Serves the community, not business interests

    Another 24 is a creation of Recovery Community Toolsmiths, a nonprofit whose mission is to serve the recovery community. Unlike other social media, our mission is to serve you, not our wallets. The app will always be free. We will require a fee for announcements and to get your business or organization on the map, and maybe some other things, but everything we show you must pass the test of serving—not exploiting—the recovery community. So, don’t look for ads about Shady Joe’s Payday Loans!

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