The Pitch to Corporate Sponsors

a24-splash“Another 24” is a social-interaction tool customized for the recovery community. At the center of the app is a map of twelve-step meetings. When you start the app, you see your position in relation to all the meetings in your vicinity. “Meeting-finder” querying facilities are provided, and various ways of sorting and filtering meetings.

The next level is the chat rooms automatically provided for every meeting in the map, and the capability to chat individually with “folks you might know”, and private chat rooms for every user. Since we understand that anonymity is key, we provide tools for preserving it to the degree the user wishes to. We also have a “trust level” concept that helps you assess whether you should a24-meeting-mapcommunicate with a given user.

So our cool trick is to combine the best meeting-finder and map with anonymity-preserving social interaction with trust-assessment tools.

To get this going and keep it going, we’re going to need a small team of full-time people working on it. So yeah, we’re going to need significant money coming in on an ongoing basis if this thing is going to grow and survive.

The attention of the recovery community is a very valuable thing for those of us who want to provide services to that community. One obvious place to make them aware of you is to a24-chathave your message on the initial splash-screen of “Another 24”. We could also do many other things, such us video messages, and putting things on the map itself. And it would be geographically based. For instance, if your recovery center is in LA, whenever anybody started “Another 24” within 10 miles of your facility, they’d see your message, and one touch of the screen would put them in touch with you.

At this early stage, we need some business people with vision to help us get this off the ground. Get in touch and we’ll hash it out.